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> Sins of a Solar Empire
> Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
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Sins of a Solar Empire
Funko conquers the galaxy with the latest space based RTS
posted 21/4/08
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Lazarus and the Gimp takes on the modern world in this first person shooter
posted 21/4/08
Forza Motorsport 2 Review
King_Ghidra gets to grips with the X-Box 360's answer to Gran Turismo
posted 9/1/08
Gears of War Review
Next Generation gaming is here! Is it better than than the old days? Venom reviews Gears of War to find out.
posted 16/11/06
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Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords
Is this the best space-sim TBS ever? Chris Stavros (yes him again!) ventures forth to find out
posted 12/3/06
Civilization IV
Chris Stavros pillages his way through Sid Meier's latest magnus opus.
posted 25/11/05
Dangerous Waters Review
Review of Sonalyst's Dangerous Waters
posted 25/2/05
D-Day Preview
Beta1 cowers while the rest of his unit storm Omaha Beach...
posted 27/7/04
Chaos League
King_Ghidra tackles Chaos League, does it score a touchdown?
posted 12/7/04
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
Qaj takes us on a Spell-de-force for this RPG/RTS
posted 24/4/04
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Beta1 heads into the desert in the latest Combat Mission game
posted 14/1/04
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review
King_Ghidra takes time out from his own fantasy world to enter someone else's for a while.
posted 5/11/03
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Free Game of the Week - Flash Element TD 2
Games: Posted: 23/1/08 10:01 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 103 Comments

Just over a year ago Flash Element Tower Defence was launched. 70 million plays later, the creators have quit their jobs and gone full time creating "casual" flash games for people to fill their work days with. Finally the sequel to Flash Element TD is out. You can play it here.

Another game from these creators, the Desktop Tower Defence, was a big favourite on Counterglow when it was game of the week. The difference with DTD was that your towers themselves formed the maze that the creeps ran through. Here, you're stuck with a fixed maze, but the twist is that you have to defend your elements, if the creeps steal them all, you're dead!

Free Game of the Week - Hamster Flight
Games: Posted: 18/11/07 22:58 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 45 Comments

A "launch"-type game from a kids TV show. Doesn't sound great, does it? But with the strange physics implementation, the well-thought-through bonus items and the skill-based (yes, not luck based! In a launch game!) learning curve this is a better treat than most.

Free Game of the Week - Malle Pietje Meppen
Games: Posted: 28/9/07 13:40 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 21 Comments

This is a fantastic game created by our very own Drekkus. See how far you can kick the boytje!

My current furthest is 154,181. See how far you can get it!

Free Game of the Week - Four Color
Games: Posted: 12/7/07 07:35 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 9 Comments

Try to capture as much territory as you can without any two adjacent territories having the same colour. What can I say? It sounds wank but it's just as addictive as Gamedesign's other game Dice Wars was.

Oh an apparently it's related to a maths problem. Fuck that shit, I say.

Free Game of the Week - Castlewars
Games: Posted: 14/6/07 15:17 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 11 Comments

Another strategy game. This time it's a card game, like MtG et al I imagine. The idea is you need to build a castle 100 high before your opponent. You could just knock your opponent's castle down instead though.

Free Game of the Week - Bowmaster
Games: Posted: 7/6/07 08:11 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 8 Comments

Mr Birdseed is a bit busy at the moment so he's asked me to post my FGOTW suggestion myself. And here it is Bowmaster. It's part RTS, part skill shooting game. To get started you will need to know (because the instructions suck) that to shoot your bow you click on your bowmaster, hold the mouse button down, pull back away from the direction you want to fire, and let go to unleash your arrow. As you kill all the enemies on each level you get to go to a shop where you can buy new skills, like the ability to summon foot soldiers and siege weapons of your own, and you can also buy better arrows. Worth persevering past the first couple of minutes when you don't know what the hell is going on. Oh yeah, one other thing, it does save your progress in a cookie, so you don't have to complete it in one go. Good shootin'!

Free Game of the Week - Indestructotank
Games: Posted: 16/4/07 15:24 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 2 Comments

It's frustrating, fairly random, but oh-so-much fun. Bounce your indestructible tank onto enemies to score combos before your fuel runs out.

Free Game of the Week - Stone Cold Curling
Games: Posted: 9/4/07 09:00 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 3 Comments

It's the most addictive thing since... well, I guess since Bloons last week really.

It's basically curling without most of the tactics (boo!) and with bad AI (boo!) but with a fun interface and a polished look. It's one of my favourite skill games on the net at the moment and I'm tantalisingly close to the high score table...

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