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> Sins of a Solar Empire
> Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
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Sins of a Solar Empire
Funko conquers the galaxy with the latest space based RTS
posted 21/4/08
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Lazarus and the Gimp takes on the modern world in this first person shooter
posted 21/4/08
Forza Motorsport 2 Review
King_Ghidra gets to grips with the X-Box 360's answer to Gran Turismo
posted 9/1/08
Gears of War Review
Next Generation gaming is here! Is it better than than the old days? Venom reviews Gears of War to find out.
posted 16/11/06
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Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords
Is this the best space-sim TBS ever? Chris Stavros (yes him again!) ventures forth to find out
posted 12/3/06
Civilization IV
Chris Stavros pillages his way through Sid Meier's latest magnus opus.
posted 25/11/05
Dangerous Waters Review
Review of Sonalyst's Dangerous Waters
posted 25/2/05
D-Day Preview
Beta1 cowers while the rest of his unit storm Omaha Beach...
posted 27/7/04
Chaos League
King_Ghidra tackles Chaos League, does it score a touchdown?
posted 12/7/04
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
Qaj takes us on a Spell-de-force for this RPG/RTS
posted 24/4/04
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Beta1 heads into the desert in the latest Combat Mission game
posted 14/1/04
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review
King_Ghidra takes time out from his own fantasy world to enter someone else's for a while.
posted 5/11/03
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Free Game of the Week - Bloons
Games: Posted: 3/4/07 20:55 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 24 Comments

Okay, this doesn't have tricky adventure-style gameplay but I think it might go down better than the recent weeks of material anyway 'cause it's damned addictive.

Pop balloons using darts. 50 Levels.

Free Game of the Week - ClickDragType 3
Games: Posted: 27/3/07 16:41 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 2 Comments

SlowwHand sent in this fiendish, 15-level puzzler that's a combination of three five-level games. The first two are not über-thrilling, I've played them before and they're fun and inventive but not so challenging, but the last set is fiendish. Fiendish, I tell you.

Free Game of the Week - Dotville Deluxe
Games: Posted: 20/3/07 08:44 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 1 Comment

Time again for another attempt at flash-based and turn-based strategy, this time from La France. I find this hard given the turn contraints, but you Civ vets should breeze though it. Skillful bastards.

Free Game of the Week - Sprout
Games: Posted: 7/3/07 22:49 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 5 Comments

A little bit of adventuring fun in this lovely, hand-drawn gem. Just the right difficulty, not too short, and an interesting gameplay mechanic.

Free Game of the Week - Die Anstalt
Games: Posted: 19/2/07 10:30 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: Add A Comment!

One of the most well-rendered interactive environments ever found on the web, methinks. No hard work has been spared on the individual art resources, and the game feels really professional.

The object of the game is to treat a series of abused cuddly toys with mental disorders. Apply the right terapeutic methods in the right order to learn more about the patients, and eventually cure them...

Free Game of the Week - BBC Climate Challenge
Games: Posted: 12/2/07 12:47 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 21 Comments

Wow, golly, wee, kids, it's EDUTAINMENT!

Actually, this is a very challenging turn-based state-management game where you have to balance your popularity rating, your resources, your impact on the environment and (most opaquely) your finances with a limited array of possible policy intiatives, some of which lead to new options in the future.

Free Game of the Week - Get Hostile!
Games: Posted: 5/2/07 09:49 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 2 Comments

I hate this game. I hate it with a vengeance. I've played the supposedly simple tutorial game something like thirty times and only beaten it once and it's... so... frustrating!

I wouldn't hate it if the rule set was impenetrable. It isn't. There's only one goal (earning money in a fictional and highly unrealistic "market") and only two ways of doing it (takeover bonuses and share price increases), both of which are simple and transparent. You only do two things in the game, really, one of which is semi-random and the other of which seems straightforward. So how can I keep losing? The tactics are not nearly as straightforward as you'd think...

Free Game of the Week - Two simplistic ones
Games: Posted: 29/1/07 11:24 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 8 Comments

These two games are super-simplistic in every way - gameplay-wise, graphics-wise, content-wise. Too small, I think to go into this feature alone, but interesting enough to work as a couple. Both have a certain charm and a decent level of challenge, and sometimes that's all that's needed.

#1: Tangerine Panic - run back and forth.

#2: Pond Skater - click occasionally to turn left.

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