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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Posted: 18/4/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (71)

Welcome to another installment of the long running Listen Without Prejudice series. This time the contributors were asked to supply two songs, one of innocence and one of experience. In part one of the reviews we deal with their songs of innocence.


Is this Regina Spektor...? I really love this song; and slow songs like this I often hate. This is very catchy rather than non-descript like many other singers in the genre are. The accent is very Regina Spektor though; she has better songs than this (or perhaps she just sounds better live.) Of course, this is when it turns out that it is sung by someone completely different....


This song grew on me a lot. It's mellow, sad and atmospheric. My immediate reaction was that someone had submitted a bad version of something that sounds like a Laz Gimp track. But now I really like it. A definite grower. It isn't very Innoccent though!

Mad Squirrel

How do you say "blech" in at least five words?


This reminds me of Mazzie Star for some reason. Very sad and breathy... kind of an "opiate haze" kind of vibe. I like this kind of song--been a big fan of weepy female vocalists for a long time, namely Cowboy Junkies et. al. It is heartfelt, which, contrary to most of the uberhipsters here, really endears itself to me. I'm a sentimental sap and just want to hold her until she feels better and goes back to that bastard she really loves.
Lazarus? I can see him sipping absinthe and stroking a skull 'neath a peat fire to this. I'd like to hear more


I really want to like this, but i've got a horrible feeling someone's going to tell me it's by katie melua or something and make me ashamed of myself. It sounds like its tellling the story of Salome. But damn it all this is really sexy. Although if this is innocence i'm feeling pretty fucking innocent myself.

[Time passes]

Ok, so after listening to this track several hundred times i basically became completely obsessed with it and went out and found out who it was by and what it was all about, etc. I love it and i love the rest of their work too. Definitely buying their stuff.

Scabrous Birdseed

I think this may be the misplaced 'experience' track, mainly Ďcause I think I might be too immature to understand it. Iíve done the listen-and-rewind-every-phrase routine several times and Iím sure I understand all the words and some of the metaphors individually, but Iím totally lost as to what the song is trying to say. Something about death and love and sex or something. *whoosh*
Guess: Eklektikos

Lazarus and the Gimp

We're pitched somewhere betwen Cat Power and Bobby Gentry with this track, and that's an intriguing place to be. Bobby Gentry is the influence that really springs out, because this track shares the same languid approach and murky undercurrent. Despite the near-comatose vocal, there's a real sense of overheated menace and corruption lurking in the depths of this song- not unlike spotting a bank of orchids blooming in a ditch that conceals a shallow grave. This is one of the stronger tracks on the compilation, by an artist I'd be interested in hearing more by.

Immortal Wombat

Hmm, deadly seduction lyrics over a sparse instrumental backing- how very Lazarine. This is great, but in a dirty kind of way which doesn't feel very innocent.


This song doesn't strike me as particularly innocent. In fact, quite the opposite. Not that I'm complaining. I like it and its seediness.

Eklektikos responds:

This is Salome by Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow, who more normally record as Elysian Fields. It's taken from my least favourite of their albums, yet is among my favourite of their songs - which is high praise indeed, EF being the only band I've ever ventured overseas purely for the purpose of seeing live. As most seem to have guessed, I intended this track to be on the Experience CD. However I think it works just as well in the context of a veneer of innocence masking corruption beneath, or of the vulnerability of the innocent to the whims of the cruel and manipulative, depending on how you choose to look at it.
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