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Listen Without Predjudice 9 - Part 3
Posted: 23/5/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (55)


I feel like I know this one, but I don't know where it's from. Nice energy, the guitar line reminds me of the intro music from South Park. Really don't like the singer though. Either sing or don't sing, don't go half way.

Lazarus and the Gimp

Fast, angular and jagged little blast with some great guitar work. It's got that modern take on post-punk that I tend to enjoy, though I'm not too keen on the singer's voice and it would be better if it didn't keep losing momentum. A good opener to the disc, however.


I love this song; its very much my taste; very catchy indie... The sound quality screams amateur-ish recording studio, so I'm guessing that this is Funko's effort and the tune is courtesy of a Reading band... Has managed to work its way onto my everyday playlist on my iPod so I look forward to being put out of my misery and being told who it is by...


Pretty cool. Has a kind of stripped-down sound which i'm digging. Too short though (just like this review).


Meh. It's ok. It didn't really stand out or make an influence one way or the other. It seems fairly simplistic in its design;C not too hard, not too light. And also over very quick. Lyrics didn't really stand out either.

Mad Squirrel

War. Is. Bad. So. Is. This. Song.

Scabrous Birdseed

One of those early-eighties post-punk bands that sounded "So 2004!" a few summers ago. Not my syringe of heroin really, too spasmodic, but I guess in a dose of less than two minutes with interesting lyrics it's livable.


I don't care for this too's the same riff over and over again and the singer has a pretty lousy voice. Sounds like something you do at practice and then maybe expand on later. Poo.

Immortal Wombat

This reminds me of the Big Black track that was on one of the earlier LWPs, and it's almost quite an enjoyable song. The fact that the entire song is just six bars of music repeated wouldn't be a problem if the vocals could mask it, but they're too drawn out over the staccato guitar when they should be adding to the punchiness. Not terrible, just disappointing.

Eklektikos responds:

This is West Germany by The Minutemen and is taken from their 1983 album entitled Double Nickels On The Dime. I originally submitted this as an innocence track, as to me the political lyrics and persistently upbeat music bring to mind the kind of ideallistic views that typically get eroded with age and experience. Not entirely sure why Laz thought it belonged on this disc, but there you go.

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