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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Posted: 15/6/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (11)


Don't think I don't appreciate the Jamaican influences and the weird use of classical instrumentation on this track but that sample gets grating really quickly. Sorry.

Immortal Wombat

Is this off the soundtrack to that Disney film where Mowgli has a nervous breakdown, steals Dumbo, then flies away to live on a cloud and drink moonshine? One of Disney's better soundtracks, I thought.

Mad Squirrel

Essence of sandpaper. Is that a sample from an old cartoon?


I've never found babbling and rambling so appealing! I really did not care for this track at all initially...but it grew on me slowly, like a bad rash. I like it now and would be interested in hearing more by this artist.


I recognise that sample on the intro. I think the Avalanches sampled it. Boring song, can't believe it's seven and a half minutes. Maybe something really interesting happens at the end. Nope.


Good opening rhythm but the opening vocals kinda made me wary about what was going to happen the rest of the song. I liked it when he sang but when he warbled, that was just bleh. A bit on the long side. Not enough meat and guts to keep the song afloat for the long. Overall impression was mediocre.

Mr Bas

Nice start. Sounds a bit like a sample from American Wheeze by 16 HP (but it's not), then some demented vocals. It remains decent enough, although I'd enjoy it more if I was stoned I expect. As it is, it's good but it just gets on my nerves every now and then.

Laz & the Gimp

This is something I thought I'd never see on an LWP compilation- a Coil track that was wasn't submitted by me. It's very typical of their later work, where they were slowly drifting off into some strange alternate reality and I find it absolutely compelling. I'll predict that Balance's vocal will alienate a lot of reviewers- my own opinion is that he was one of the most startlingly inventive vocalists ever. Nobody else would have done stuff like that. I bet must people will hate this, but if they don't then they really need to explore "Music to play in the dark" and the Solstice/Equinox EP's. RIP John Balance.

Eklektikos responds

This is A List Of Wishes by Coil, and according to the person who sent it to me is supposed to be the last piece of music they recorded before Jhon Balance's death. Whether or not that's actually the case is pretty much unimportant as far as I'm concerned; what does matter is that it's an oddly beautiful and hypnotic piece of work that I could happily listen to over and over again. And have on a number of occasions. Maybe that says more about me than about the song. Oh well.
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