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Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
Posted: 24/4/04 by Qaj | Comments (24)

If there's one thing I like, it's playing a well-thought out, interesting RPG. If there's another thing I like, it's chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate. But for the sake of this review, I'll say RTS games instead, since that'll make far more sense.

Spellforce is apparently the first dual-genre RTS/RPG ever to grace our shelves. You play a Rune Warrior, a person whose soul has been bound to a Rune Stone, and therefore enables them to rise after death with all experience intact (and, somewhat mystifyingly, all equipment, possessions and money).

As the story goes, Rune Warriors were employed by Circle Mages during the Convocation War, a conflict between the most powerful forces of the game world, the object of which was to attain for a single Mage "ultimate control of all ancient forces". The Rune Warriors were the perfect soldier - unable to permanently die, retaining experience, and able to become better and better fighters without having to retrain replacements. The drawback, for the Rune Warrior, was that they were bound to their summoner, which means they're effectively slaves.

But not so for you! Luckily, the Convocation War was a complete disaster, and the land of the world was destroyed except for a tiny number of islands protected by the Godstones of Aonir. Rohen, one of the surviving Circle Mages, spent the first few years building portals between the islands in order to reunite the split races of the world. But now a Dark Roamer has appeared and threatens Rohen's plans. So Rohen summons you to help fight this menace, but, in a fit of mysterious benevolence, gives you control of your own rune stone. He then teleports away, leaving you to your own devices.
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