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Funko 17-06-2015 18:59:53

What idiot got MoSe involved? - Fantasy Premier League 15/16

Fistandantilus 22-06-2015 14:49:00

CAn we join already?

Funko 23-06-2015 18:18:08

No but he said to start the thread. :bash:

MoSe 28-06-2015 08:24:16

Not exactly :p
I just asked who'd have started it :cute:

as we were beginning to talk about NEXT season fixtures...

For Fist, here's some guy who recorded starting dates (and times!) of FPL registration since 2006

Funko 30-06-2015 09:00:17


MoSe 30-06-2015 14:27:11

Now, since the weekend, you can't login to past season anymore

Login to Fantasy Premier League is temporarily unavailable while we perform essential maintenance.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. Please try again later.
I suppose this means they're already preparing for the new one
how long will it take them, it's the question

Funko 30-06-2015 15:36:00

Well the analysis in the thing you posted suggests in a week or so

Fistandantilus 30-06-2015 19:50:52

I'm going to forget for sure as every year... then pick a bunch of players I don't know of the day before it starts :lol:

MoSe 07-07-2015 06:11:31

out of maintenance, re-registration open, but last season data still online
no link yet to enter new season team, nor fixtures or new price list

MoSe 09-07-2015 17:54:23


Fistandantilus 09-07-2015 18:30:02


MoSe 09-07-2015 18:48:40

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 3983

Chips can be used to potentially enhance your team's performance during the season.

Only one chip can be played in a single Gameweek. The chips available are as follows:


Name                Effect

All Out Attack        Allows you to play a 2-5-3 formation
Bench Boost        The points scored by your bench players are included in your total.
Triple Captain        Your captain points are tripled instead of doubled

Wildcard        All transfers (incl. those already made) in the Gameweek are free of charge

The All Out Attack, Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips can each be used once a season
and are played when saving your team on the my team page.
They can be cancelled at anytime before the Gameweek deadline.

The Wildcard chip can be used twice a season,
once in the first half of the season (before 28 Dec 14:00) and
once in the second half of the season.
The Wildcard chip is played when confirming transfers that cost points and can't be cancelled once played
The WC counting as a Chip means you can't use one of the new bonuses the same GW you play a WC

there's no "Transfers Window" WC, you can use your 2nd WC for that purpose
but you can't have BOTH a January WC and a late WC before a DGW

Fistandantilus 09-07-2015 22:02:37

The bench boost is way better than the others imo

Funko 12-07-2015 19:13:12

Yeah, definitely. Interesting stuff

Funko 12-07-2015 19:17:42

I've renewed the league

Funko 12-07-2015 19:19:21

Guarantee a captain red card, tripled when you play that one.

MoSe 13-07-2015 06:46:12

OK, 1st factoid of the season
Aguero+Costa+Kane + Hazard+Sanchez+Silva = UNAFFORDABLE
even with cheapest options in all the 9 remaining spots :mad:

Funko 13-07-2015 14:14:27

That should be unaffordable.

MoSe 21-07-2015 09:28:38

check in particular the "Detailed by Gameweek" tab
al all the other resources in the author's page!/

that's all I always dreamt to do, even as a RL job..
it's humbling to realise that I've been merely toying in the stone age with flint and sticks...
I might even quit FPL in despair

Funko 21-07-2015 16:13:52

You do loads more than I ever have.

MoSe 29-07-2015 13:42:38

Finn Willi (5) 29-07-2015 21:23:53

I never liked chemistry.

MoSe 29-07-2015 23:16:39


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 1064447)
I've renewed the league

if I'm not mistaken, there should be a new code for those who were not in it last season, and wish to join it anew
(like I did last season)

Could you publish it here?
Could you contact those who played it 2013/14 (or previously), and might like to come back after one (or more) season(s) hiatus?
I'm thinking for instance KG, RC (or nye?)
Or some of teh old-timers who recently popped up again in CounterPoint (maybe Spartak? or ...venom???)
Dunno what they're up to atm in their RL, of if they ever were in (F)PL at all... just guessing

MoSe 31-07-2015 13:14:06

after creating a new one myself, and seeing which code was generated,
I would say with a wild guess that Counterglow league new code for this season could be

YES: I used the method to "sneak into" the Bad Science one
how trivial, not exactly hacker-proof :rolleyes:
(don't worry, I left it immediately thereafter :D)

Funko 31-07-2015 16:07:07

The joining code is indeed - 171164-45955

good hacker skillz MoSe

Funko 03-08-2015 08:03:49

I managed to spend an hour trying to work out a good team at the weekend, and I think I've succeeded in making a terrible one. :cry:

It's too hard. I hate the first week pick, so speculative about what everyone will do.

Funko 03-08-2015 08:19:42

Partly because some Must Have players- are really expensive, and probably injured for first game weeks e.g. Sanchez, Costa, Aguero. If they were fit it's literally* impossible to have those 4 must haves in your team.

*not literally

Walrus Feeder 05-08-2015 22:38:20

I've got my squad setup as best as possible for the opening weeks and for once have a couple of million spare form game week 1. As Funko said above with doubts over some of the expensive key players being available from the start this means a bit more money to throw around. I see the most expensive goalkeepers have come down in price a bit from recent years which means loads of potential options between £5.5 and £4.5. Quite a few potential bargains in mid-range defenders and midfielders too.

Funko 07-08-2015 07:58:00

I can't bear to look at my team. They are all awful.

i'm going to be driving between Rwading and Scotland just before the window closes, so won't be able to react to any last minute news. :(

Fistandantilus 09-08-2015 20:50:44

Horrible start. I blame MoSe.

MoSe 10-08-2015 06:44:34

I'm not Bossman!!! :mad:

Funko, we're bringing up the rear! :lol:

Funko 10-08-2015 09:58:26

Just a dreadful, dreadful start. Will Sterling get 6 goals tonight? He probably won't even play. :cry:

MoSe 10-08-2015 10:21:03

OTHO if you look at
you see that very few of the most popular players got a decent score
Pellè already is owned by less than 1 in 6 teams

you needed to get punts on mid-low owned players, to scrore high
like Iain, with Cabaye 10p (9.4%), Darmian 8p (8.6%), Defoe 6p (4.6%)

all that said, we're both in the Double Millionaire Lounge atm :o
form me at least 2,016,902 is an improvement over last season 2,155,092 :lol:


Funko 12-08-2015 12:23:23

So I've already made 3 changes, but Raheem isn't one of them. I think he sounded like he had a good game (haven't seen any of the highlights due to being in scotland

Walrus Feeder 13-08-2015 09:47:24

I've just made one change. Don't want to use my wildcard yet or suffer any minus points. I've got a transfer plan for the next 3 weeks but no doubt that maybe subject to change. The sooner Gameweek 2 starts the better!

Funko 13-08-2015 11:54:27

I am more comfortable making multiple changes after that analysis thing MoSe posted last season about the top teams averaging more than 2 changes per gameweek.

Funko 18-08-2015 08:06:06

Seemed to just about work out making 3 changes this week, I've played my wildcard though.

Walrus Feeder 19-08-2015 23:41:02

Used Wildcard on Sunday night and glad i did. Probably worst opening two weeks i've ever had. Even Vincent Kompany has scored my goals in two games than both my starting XI's in the first two. The only way is up. Big dilemma about Chelsea's key players.

Funko 21-08-2015 09:13:10

I know.... argh. I hate this game.

Funko 24-08-2015 07:34:30

ok wildcard has lead to a moderate points score, but better than most other people in my leagues (although they might all have 4 players left)

Funko 27-08-2015 11:15:21

On one of my other leagues someone said this week was an easy captain choice. (I think they mean Aguero) I feel I have more good choices than that.

Fistandantilus 01-09-2015 16:40:32

As usual August is shitty for me. Damn the EPL starting when I'm on vacation

Walrus Feeder 01-09-2015 22:41:01

Made such a crap transfer last week. I removed Cresswell as i thought after West ham let 2 in to Leicester followed by 4 against Bournemouth away at Anfield wouldn't be a good source of points. Cresswell then goes on to get 12 pts in a 3-0 win. Oh, who did i have instead? Clyne of Liverpool who got 0. So a swing there of 12 pts. Shocking. Mind you, most of my wildcard changes have done well and there prices are increasing (Kompany, Shaw, Ayew, Aguero and MD Diouf) whereas a lot of the players i transferred out have gone down. i just need to have a week where i pick a captain who gets more than 2 pts now!

MoSe 02-10-2015 09:19:01


it's not that I'm slacking this season because I'm performing horribly
on the contrary, i'm performing horribly, because i've been rather busy and I hadnt more than 5 minutes per week to dedicate to my FPL team, or posting here

luckily I got Mata Captain and things seem to go from horrible to just bad
but i've been doing much less transfers this season (I made up this GW with 4 :D), haven't been following price changes, and I'm appalled to see that my total budget (Team Value + In the Bank) is below 100.0m ... :(

Funko 02-10-2015 09:24:06

gives the rest of us a chance!

Walrus Feeder 05-10-2015 02:46:33

Kept faith with Aguero and made him captain too. A good (and then some) week for me at last.

MoSe 09-12-2015 19:46:21

1 Attachment(s)
still a generally horrible season for everyone of us, apparently, even worse than last one

Attachment 3992
only 1 above rank 500k
(I mean better than, above in the table, although the rank figure is below...
which form do you prefer in english???)

only 3 teams better than 1M, 2 worse than 2M

kudos to Walrus who just gained the lead, not only because of Craig R declining,
but on his own merits too (he won October and November, and leads Q2)

what a change from GW7, when Beta was 1st, and Walrus last!
(although both of them just briefly and barely)

Could you please remind me, Craig R and Mike M are not CG members, are they?

BTW, as for myself...
GW14 I had 2 FT and with Pellè suspended I decided to use them
I had to choose between Aguero+Lanzini or Lukaku+Ozil
Luckily I chose the latters, but to fund Pellè to Lukaku, I had to downgrade a big Mid
having stuck with Hazard thru the whole season, I didn't want to renounce to him right before a great run of 4 fixtures. so I sacrificed... KDB! :( who promptly scored 16p :mad:
at least Luk+Oz partially made up for it, although Eden keeps on blanking since GW9

This GW15 I had 1 FT, Dann as 3rd Def (after Kolo+Bert) and Francis on bench.
He was going to drop in price anyway, and with che,MUN coming up (plus ars GW19) I though "wisely" to upgrade him a bit.
With Liverpool excellent 6 fixtures, what a nice opportunity Moreno was, so I could play him and bench Dann who played @EVE... :rolleyes:
Not only Bournemouth pick up their 2nd CS in the season @CHE (after SUN(H) in GW8), notwithstanding Francis wold have been a bencher anyway,
but despite Palace conceding as ecpected, Dann scores! (true he had scored @LIV too just 3GW ago, I should have trusted him more)
I could have saved the FT, and I'd have 8p more, and I'd be fourth...

MoSe 15-12-2015 13:10:53

1 Attachment(s)
once readied, it's easy updated
Attachment 3994

(I tried to pre-shrink the .png, doesn't look really better)

outstanding GW score by Mike M's Dirty boots with 82p in the top 30k
and he even mis-played AOA, leaving on bench two 7-pointer defenders! :lol:
luckily his 1st sub was the best def, while he had fielded a 1p and a DNP in the back
he got the skill (and/or the guts) to captain Mahrez, the gw top player
(FPL report Henderson with the same score, dunno how they choose)
or maybe he was just amateurishly :cute: chasing last gw points, hehe

btw, Mahrez apart, I had Lukaku 9p, Vardy 7p and Özil 6p (not to mention Ward and Hennessey 8p), and of course I chose Kane :rolleyes:
oh well, better than Hazard :mad: or De Bruyne ;)

Dirty Boots finally enter the Top 1M for the first time this season (actually Top 900k)
after having been very close there at the start and in GW8
conversely Craig R tumbles first time out of Top 1M, down from top 130k in GW10

9th red arrow in a row for Beta, and back outside Top2M where he started, OTOH he's a dead team since GW2...
he's been lucky to have doubled Sánchez hauls in GW 7-8-9 having left him captain since GW2, and to have got Lukaku last two good scores as Vice
it must be a tactic ;)

7th green arrow in a row for my team (..."arr-row"? :cute: ), 10th in 11
damn GW9... when I got my 3rd worst GW rank, and on top of that I took 3 hits (-12p) to replace Aguero
(although I almost went even on the hits, having scored 15p with the new signings incl.KDB cap, in place of just 4p [I'd have captained Haz])

MoSe 31-12-2015 19:14:47

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 4002

and for myself, I found out...
that I did indeed have a horrible start, especially GW4-5-6 if compared with last season
but then, barring GW9 and GW17, I kept climbing up in a more regular way
so that, at season half... i'm better off than I was last season!!!

new hope for 2016!!!

my best wishes to you all and your families
:D :beer:

Walrus Feeder 01-01-2016 00:40:31

Thanks for all the stats. I've recovered from my poor start and bringing in Mahrez, Ighalo, Vardy and Lukaku has worked wonders. Can't recall any seasons where i've played this game where so many low to mid range players have scored loads of points and the expensive players have failed miserably.

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