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Down III - Over the Under

Down III - Over the Under

When someone on CG first suggested that I write a review for this album I had only listened a few times, and hadn’t fully gotten into it yet. I find that the best albums are the ones that don’t immediately grab me. My first reaction is intrigue, followed by head nodding, foot tapping, and finally…rabid fanaticism. This album has whipped me into such an evangelistic fervor that my normally phlegmatic self is actually putting finger to keyboard and writing a review.

For those who have never heard of Down before, perhaps you’ve heard of a band that two Down members were a part of - Pantera. Philip Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bass) are ex-Pantera, joined by Pepper Keenan (guitar) from Corrosion of Conformity, with Kirk Windstein (guitar) and Jimmy Bower from Crowbar. Down started as a side project back in 1995, and have since grown into a headlining act with a huge following.

Back to the album…

Many who were blown away by the classic first album NOLA were rightly disappointed by the hastily cobbled-together second album “A Bustle in your Hedgerow”. Well, Down have most definitely returned to classic form with “Over the Under”. Not that this album sounds like the first, but quality-wise it is on par or better. Down are much more than a simple Metal band, and some have compared them to Led Zeppelin in that they push their musical boundaries with every album.

There really aren’t any weak points on this album as even the track I initially thought average (“The Path”) has grown on me. I’ll go through a few of the highlights, but you’ll have to discover the rest of the gems for yourself. The first track “Three Suns and one Star” is a great, fast (for Down) opener. Several tracks on, “Beneath the Tides” opens with a sludgy Zeppelin-esque main riff and has a particularly passionate vocal performance from Phil. “Pillamyd” builds beautifully from the end of the soft “His Majesty the Desert” into a high-energy mosh-pit bashing sledgehammer, yet winds down with an epic bridge and harmonic ending. The real epic track, however, is “Nothing in Return (Walk Away)” - composed of simple riffs and melodies, its overwhelming strength is atmosphere and the emotion of the vocals.

What else can I say…ten out of ten, 100%, A+…BUY IT!
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