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vB Hacked!

I don't know if Management got this...

Originally Posted by Aeson View Post
Previous site owners might want to take notice. I don't know if they got old user info or not, but since the email addresses have changed you might not get a warning. Change any passwords you might have shared with the vB accounts.

Users here are still safe unless they happen to have bought vB or registered on their forums at some point in the past*. I haven't found a buyer for your user info yet. :angry:

I get this type of email about once a week from one service or another ... I always wonder what they mean by "sophisticated attack". Was it a group of hackers using drones to sniff wifi packets and supercomputers to crack encryption ... or did some high level access employee working for vB just use "passw0rd" for his password and some aristocrat drinking chardonnay and listening to Mozart eloquently typed it in while saying "password" in a British accent?

vBulletin Security eBulletin
November 5th, 2015

* Password Reset
* Your License Information
* Contact Us

------ Password Reset ------

We take your security and privacy very seriously. Very recently, our security team discovered a sophisticated attack on our network. Our investigation indicates that the attacker may have accessed customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems.

We have taken the precaution of resetting your account passwords - both for the forums and the members area. We have also reset the members area security question. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but felt that it was necessary to help protect your account.

To regain access to your account:

* Click the forgot password link on the login page.
* Enter your account e-mail [or other details as requested] and an e-mail will be sent to you.
* Open the email and follow the instructions to set your new password.

Please choose a new password and do not use the same password you used with us previously. We also highly recommend that you choose a password that you are not using on any other sites.

In the members area you will also be asked to set a new security question and answer before you can access your licences.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team at or

---------------- YOUR LICENSE INFORMATION ----------------

You can use this information to log into the customers area to download vBulletin and other related support materials:

Your Customer Email:

Your Customer Number: FUVB823982347

If you have misplaced your customer password, you can request that it be re-sent to your registered email address using the following form:

The customers area is located here:
*Also if you've registered to a vB forum anywhere where the owner's admin login credentials match the credentials of their vB license that could be a problem.
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