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tsipras that beast of a man found a solution to the FYROm problem


zaef is a socialist not a extreme right wing monger

A solution is reached

if it will be ratified, furomulandia under the name north macedonia, that has nothing to do with macedonia of alexander the great will enter nato and eventually the eu.

a russian lawless enclave the likes of kosovo would be averted.

now, a lot of people in fyrumulandia will back the russians. it's their prerogative

and a alot of greeks would feel that the accord is selling off macedonia

I respect those opinions.

just think though

those slavs (we're not supposed to call them that because europe is nazi and they'd think we are too) are like us

we have 0 thinbgs to devide us

the enemy is turkey

always has been (let's hope it will wake up)

not the people of skopjie.


we have the same interests

if the greek people agree we will advance

if not, we will retreat

democracy even if it's milos
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Old 17-06-2018, 09:32:13   #2
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the agreements is signed!

two great men solved this sore wound in the middle of the balkans, establishing the basis for freindship commerce peace prosperity and all around feel good vibes between Greece and Northern Macedonia.

May it last for ever

two natural allies, close by neighboors with endless possibilities for investmens commerce and cultural exchanges.


now tsipras for nobel price
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Old 17-06-2018, 09:36:50   #3
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Greece re-itarates its natural position as the pillar of stability and co-operation in the balkans and assumes its historical role as the leader of the region in friendship co-operation and mutual understanding forging in the middle of this axis cultural understanding and financial activity (which is very fast recovering)

The left, once more demonstrated its ideological hegemony and decisive historical weight in critical crossroads on the path of the nation towards a better future for Greece and for all its neighboors
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Old 17-06-2018, 09:48:56   #4
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special mention to mr zaef who as a socialist president of northern macedonia teared down the nationalist hysteria of his extreme right wing predecesor and opened a door to Greece for an amicable resolution and indeed guaranteeing for his country the strong potential to indeed become the "switzerland" of the balkans as was its vision before the extreme nationalism utopia gripped it by the throat.

Now left wing, dedicated to peace and stability forge in stone and metal the unchangable foundations for the uninteruppted friendship of these two natural allies, opens wide the road to acceession to the european union and nato and welcomes this new nation with open arms

Courage, vision, dedication and the result is never far away
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