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> Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
> Down III - Over the Under review by Caligastia
> Spider Vomit - Widows Walk
> Hey Venus! by Super Furry Animals Review
> Crowded House Drummer Dead
> Free MP3 of the week(ish) - Knife, PatP
> Mercury Music Award 2004
> Free MP3 of the Week (ish) - Rodeohead
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Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
Vincent braves the depths of the red light district to discover what exactly DIOYY are all about.
posted 17/1/08
Down III - Over the Under review by Caligastia
Caligastia gets to grips with the latest from the metal supergroup
posted 25/10/07
Spider Vomit - Widows Walk
Melbourne's Spider Vomit throw up debut EP. novacane cleans up.
posted 18/10/07
Hey Venus! by Super Furry Animals Review
Will the welsh wizards 8th offering live up to their fans expecations? novacane finds out
posted 12/10/07
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Strawberry Jam Animal Collective review by novacane
novacane gets stuck into the fruity new album from the experimental Animal Collective
posted 12/10/07
25 Top Streaming Radio Music Stations To Expand Your Mind
Scabrous Birdseed sifts through thousands of streams to bring you nuggets of gold
posted 11/8/07
Throbbing Gristle- "Part 2- The Endless Not"
The unexpected reappearance of an industrial stalwart, as reviewed by Laz
posted 14/4/07
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Finally! The last part of the most recent LWP series
posted 15/6/06
Listen Without Predjudice 9 - Part 3
The first part of the LWP 9 experience CD
posted 23/5/06
LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Rouding out the bonus tracks from the first CD
posted 27/4/06
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Part 9 of the long running Listen Without Predjudice Series
posted 18/4/06
"Livin' fear of James Last"- Nurse With Wound variety pack
Debut major-label release for the industrial veteran
posted 9/1/06
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Crowded House Drummer Dead
Music: Posted: 28/3/05 10:40 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 3 Comments

BBC News Online Story

Free MP3 of the week(ish) - Knife, PatP
Music: Posted: 12/11/04 13:08 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 5 Comments

To celebrate the launch of the new Pete and the Pirates Website I thought I'd make their song Knife the free mp3 (or m4a whatever that is) of the week. I suppose this will be especially of interest to those who liked Pete and the Pirates live and have just got broadband.

Link's here. Right click and Save As if your browser requires you to do that.

Mercury Music Award 2004
Music: Posted: 7/9/04 21:49 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 10 Comments

Bookies' favourites Franz Ferdinard have beaten off opposition from The Streets, Snow Patrol, Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse (amongst others) to inherit the Mercury Music Award from last year's winner Dizzee Rascal.

Read the BBC Online story here.

Free MP3 of the Week (ish) - Rodeohead
Music: Posted: 25/6/04 15:21 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 3 Comments

Part two of a free *blank* of the week double for me. This is a song by a band who thought it'd be funny to form a bluegrass Radiohead covers band. It's great.

Full Glasto Line-Up!
Music: Posted: 1/6/04 11:41 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 7 Comments

Anyone going?

How To Devalue An Award: A Recent Example
Music: Posted: 27/5/04 23:12 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 37 Comments

Darkness awarded Novello Prize

Wanted: Music Reviews
Music: Posted: 19/5/04 21:43 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 17 Comments

I know there's lots of you out there who go to a whole multitude of gigs, and that many of the regular forum contributors don't much like the general music tastes of your correspondent here. However, there seems to be a conspicuous lack of alternative copy streaming into the music section here at Counterglow. If you're a regular, shame on your inactivity, and if you're new here, please don't hesistate to contribute! New material and differing opinions are always welcome. Diversity is strength, or something like that...

Radiohead guitarist becomes BBC composer
Music: Posted: 18/5/04 12:41 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 5 Comments

Radiohead's guitarist Jonny Greenwood has joined the BBC as its composer in residence, which will include writing new work for Radio 3

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